The Art of Networking: Podcast Episode Live!

Robert Braathe Podcast Post1 300x300 The Art of Networking: Podcast Episode Live!


This week’s episode is about the art of networking. We thought this topic would be helpful to students who have recently graduated and are working on finding their first full-time job. While job searching can be very stressful, having the right tools and strategy can make success easy.


We interview Robert Braathe, the founder of Braathe Enterprises, serves as a business trainer and leader of The Career Service Station, BEYourStart and TEMPO Business Training. Mr. Braathe received his MBA from Western Connecticut State University and his Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality from UMass. In addition, he has taken PhD level courses from The University at Albany and Northcentral University. After working in management positions with Walt Disney World, Gap and Apple, Mr. Braathe founded his company in October 2005. Mr. Braathe teaches at The College of St. Rose and several community colleges and private colleges in courses that include hospitality, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.



Why should we network?

How to effectively network.

Networking as a mutually beneficial activity.

Effective networking tips and tricks for success.




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