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Graduating with a BA doesn’t mean you’ll end up a Barista
This intimate Career Conference hopes to impart practical skills and inspiration onto recent grads and current students who are entering the job market for the first time, or want to brush up on their job search skills. Conference Schedule:10:am to 11:45am – Resume Writing Workshop11:00am to 11:45am – Dress for Success Workshop12:00 noon to 1:00pm […]
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Midday Meditation
Join us for a weekly stress break to get re-grounded. Each session will consist of body movement, breath, and thought work. Our teacher is Celine Cheung. She has been practising meditation for over three years, and is passionate about sharing what she’s learned with others in order to reduce their stress and become more in […]
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Creative Writing for Non-Writers Course
Join us for 8 classes of Creative Writing for Non-Writers starting on May 1st designed to help develop writing fundamentals, creative capacity, and confidence. Our ideal student is someone who needs a little extra push to put their self out there and write. It is an especially great course for those who are struggling with […]
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Learning how to sell yourself successfully: The art of a good scholarship application
by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang It is easy to sell yourself short and think you aren’t smart enough, hard working enough, or overall good enough to receive a scholarship, but that is 100% not true. If you have an academic goal in mind and work hard towards it, it is highly likely that there […]
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Healthy Relationships Start with Healthy Communication by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
Healthy and constructive communication skills are not innate. If we are fortunate, we grow up in an environment with confident parents and clear non-judgmental communication. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of us. We usually end up learning we need to work on our communication and relationship skills later in life. So, what […]