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Student Speaker Series 2: Maximize your Academic Experience without Breaking the Bank
PFAU: Academic writing, editing, & coaching and the Bank of Montreal (Bedford & Bloor Branch) Pfau: Academic writing, editing, & coaching experts and the Bank of Montreal (Bedford & Bloor Branch) will be collaborating in 2019 to bring students a personalized speaker series geared towards increasing financial literacy, awareness, and planning towards meeting specific academic […]
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Living on a Budget by Lisa Pfau & Boyan Lepoev
This past week we were very fortunate to have Boyan Lepoev come in to chat with us about living on a student budget. Boyan Lepoev works as Investment Analyst at Bridgeport Asset Management, a boutique investment management firm in Toronto. Previously, he was Market Risk Manager at the Bank of Nova Scotia. Boyan holds the Chartered […]
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Closed for the Holidays
We will be closed from Monday, December 24th until Thursday, January 10th. We wish you all a very restful holiday season. See you in the new year!! 🙂
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4 Tips on how to Maximize your Holiday Break
It is easy to promise yourself that you will get caught up or get ahead during the holiday break, but once family come over, the parties start, and all the distractions begin it becomes almost impossible. Then, before you know it, you are back to work and even further behind that before. Here are four […]
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Happy Holidays!
Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Clients: I thought that this year I would do something a little bit different and write you a Christmas letter about all the changes that have been happening at PFAU: Academic writing, editing, & coaching experts over 2018. As some of you already know, we moved into our own private office […]