Academic support

Subject-specific tutoring for courses in the social sciences and humanities, such as: English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Film Studies, Media Studies, International Development, East Asian Studies, etc. Academic editing of publications, dissertations, and grant applications in all subjects.

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Application support

Application support for high school students applying to post-secondary school, post-secondary students applying for graduate and professional programs, and finally resume, cover letter, and interview support as students enter the workforce. Exam preparation for standardized exams required to enter post-secondary programs,

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Professional development

VIP Writing Instruction for clients who wish to improve their written communication at school or at work, as well as expand their literary and cultural understanding and knowledge. These services are geared towards both ESL clients and native speakers, depending on one’s needs and goals. Small Writing Classes in creative

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Grad School Experience: Interview with Dane and Aravind
  We interviewed Dane Mauer-Vakil and Aravind Rajendran about the transition from an undergraduate degree to a graduate degree, particularly in conducting graduate research. As an undergraduate, you are working to meet certain requirements and receive high grades. However, when you transition to graduate school, the relationship you have with your professors, colleagues, and the […]
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Transitioning to Grad School: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Dane Mauer-Vakil, and Aravind Rajendran, Masters students enrolled in the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, about how to transition to graduate school.   HIGHLIGHTS   Advice for incoming Masters students and students hoping to apply to grad school How does a graduate degree differ from an […]
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The Art of Writing: Interview with Laifong Leung
  We interviewed Laifong Leung, a Chinese Language and Literature scholar, about the art of writing. Writing is a unique form of communication that relies on our ability to create imagined realities with the deliberate and careful use of words, punctuation, grammar, and style. It is unlike any other form of communication in the mammal […]


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Lisa Meng
    Writing & Creative Marketing & Business Administration Assistant Lisa grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and later moved to Mississauga to pursue her Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Toronto. Lisa is passionate about social psychology, especially understanding how to build meaningful human relationships and interactions. After graduation, she became more interested in how social psychology principles apply to human resources and marketing in the business and non-profit sectors. Lisa's compassion and kindness have often motivated her to get involved with organizations and programs that help vulnerable groups. She has worked with the Bloor Street United Church Refugee Outreach Program since September 2019, where she learned a lot about connecting with and meeting the needs of individuals from different backgrounds. Organizing the weekly meal prep, setting up study areas, and chatting with attendees at the Saturday English Conversation Group highlighted to Lisa how even small acts and programs can mean a lot to individuals who are struggling to adjust to a new environment or overcome educational barriers. She continues to pursue community engagement while working as the Creative Marketing and Business Administration Assistant at PFAU: Academic Writing Experts, where she develops engaging marketing materials, outreach initiatives, regular social media posts, and even helps to host a Podcast for students. To unwind, Lisa enjoys exploring the diverse city of Toronto on foot or sitting under a tree reading a poem. She loves theatre, poetry, art, creative writing, and other forms of artistic expression. She believes that abstract expressions can help bridge the gap in communication between diverse perspectives.
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Yiwei Jin
    Writing & Grad School Admissions Coach Yiwei Jin recently graduated with an MA in Political Science from the University of Toronto, specializing in Asian studies and comparative politics. His graduate research involved original field research in Taiwan funded through a grant competition. Since then he has published research on the Taiwan Gazette and presented his findings at UofT’s Asian Institute and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. He is currently working for the Law and Design CoLab, a nonprofit focused on amplifying the efforts of legal advocacy through design methods, as well as interning at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. He will be starting Law School at the University of Toronto in Fall 2020. Born in Guangzhou, China, Yiwei is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean, in addition to English. Before attending graduate school, he wrote for a magazine in China and taught English in South Korea. He loves helping people get ahead and cares a great deal about his students. His teaching style revolves around identifying issue areas and building capacity, whether it is in writing skills, research know-how, analytical reasoning, or subject-specific understanding. Outside of academic work, Yiwei enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and wandering down interesting paths outside.
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Jahmil Wahid
    GRE & SAT Coach Jamil Wahid is motivated to help others reach their full potential on the exam page. Jamil is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Engineering at Ryerson University, and has substantial experience in both Canada and Bangladesh as a coach and mentor. He loves mathematical, logical, and verbal puzzles, and has successfully helped more than 50 clients with their GRE preparation - both in individual and group sessions. Jamil focuses on breaking down complex topics to byte size simple concepts and gradually working towards more difficult material. He is adept at creating personalized exam strategies and roadmaps to achieve desired results. He also shares actionable tips and tricks on test-taking, practice-material, and second-time round strategies. In his personal life - Jamil is passionate about soccer, loves spicy food and is a board game aficionado!
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Daina Sparling
Academic Editor
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Lisa Pfau
    CEO, Founder, and Senior Coach Lisa grew up in rural Alberta, Canada debating politics with her father, writing articles for the school newspaper, and running the students’ council. Determined to make a difference in the world, she headed off to the University of Alberta to study Political Science and History. Over the course of her degree, she became progressively interested in China and eventually traveled abroad in 2004 to teach English and study Chinese. This time abroad opened her eyes to her passion and talent for teaching others. She returned to Canada to pursue her Master of Arts at the University of Toronto, where she assisted Professors in teaching Political Science courses and continued to tutor students on the side, not only in the Social Sciences and Humanities, but her true passions – writing and critical thinking. After graduating in 2007, she worked in public policy and research, including: as a political intern at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing and a Research Coordinator at the University of Toronto. These experiences provided Lisa with the knowledge and networks to help her clients transition from academic to professional life. She published her first short story in 2010 and currently enjoys teaching Creative Writing and Research Essay Writing courses and workshops at PFAU: Academic Writing and upon invitation to other educational institutions, such as the University of Toronto. Over the past 15 years, she has mentored over 100 clients in reading/writing fundamentals, critical thinking, research proficiency, organizational skills, and academic/career goal setting, as well as, research papers, scholarship proposals, and grad/professional school applications. Finally, she has edited numerous graduate theses, dissertations, and publications in all fields - from engineering to literature. Lisa enjoys the continuous learning and refinement involved in the writing process. Mostly though, she enjoys connecting with her students, and helping them to reach their full potential on the page, and in life.  
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Christie Wong
Creative Writing Instructor and Coach

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