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Transitioning to Grad School: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Dane Mauer-Vakil, and Aravind Rajendran, Masters students enrolled in the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, about how to transition to graduate school.   HIGHLIGHTS   Advice for incoming Masters students and students hoping to apply to grad school How does a graduate degree differ from an […]
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The Art of Writing: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Laifong Leung, Chinese Language and Literature scholar, about the art of writing, a process that can bring a lifetime of joy, frustration, and inevitably fulfillment. HIGHLIGHTS Career paths available with a degree in literature The rewards and challenges of becoming a Professor A glimpse into the process of writing books and academic articles […]
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Making the Transition to University: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, David Zarnett, the Undergraduate Student Advisor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, as well as an experienced lecturer on global security, human rights, international cooperation, and war and peace, about how to make the transition to University.   HIGHLIGHTS   The difference between writing essays in high school […]
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An Inside Look into the Life of Professor: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Danielle Law, PhD, and Associate Professor in Psychology and Youth and Children’s Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, about her journey in academia and her thoughts on finding a career as a recent graduate. HIGHLIGHTS An insider’s look into the life and work of a busy academic Advice and things to consider for undergraduate […]
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Resilience Boosting During COVID-19: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Sarah Lang, a certified coach, who supports people to dream big, launch new projects, and bring creative visions to life, about how to boost your academic resilience during COVID-19. HIGHLIGHTS The importance of resilience in finding your dream career The link between resilience and academic performance Advice on preparing for the Fall term […]