Robert Braathe Podcast Post1 520x390 Podcast
The Art of Networking: Podcast Episode Live!
  This week’s episode is about the art of networking. We thought this topic would be helpful to students who have recently graduated and are working on finding their first […]
Pregnant Pause 520x390 Podcast
Pregnant Podcast Pause
  Due to several events in podcast world around censorship vs hate speech, as well as, recent COVID-related protests, we have decide to sit back and consider our intentions around […]
Jemimah Amos Podcast Sociology cover 520x390 Podcast
Conducting Research in Sociology: Podcast Episode Live!
This week we interviewed Jemimah Amos, PFAU Academic Writing coach and editor, about the study of Sociology. Sociology is the study of human interaction or individuals as members of a […]
Phoebe Taylor Podcast Post  520x390 Podcast
Feeling through Creativity: Podcast Episode Live!
This week’s episode is about the connection between mental health and creativity. Oftentimes students are so caught up with getting good grades or a prestigious job that they forget to […]
Davood Gozli Podcast Post  520x390 Podcast
Playful Prose: Podcast Episode Live!
We interviewed Davood Gozli, Pfau Academic editor and writing coach, with a BSc from Trent University, and PhD in Psychology from the University of Toronto, about overcoming the tortures of […]