Professional Development Testimonials

Angel, B.A. (Political Science & Media Studies), University of Toronto

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I would definitely recommend Lisa as a tutor! She cares about her students very much and is very patient and tolerant about various questions. During the lessons, she understands my meaning and ideas right away despite me having a hard time explaining myself. In addition, she is willing to share her resources when students need them, and they are not just academic resources. For instance, I mentioned to her that I was interested in going to Law School, so she immediately recommended a list of lawyer friends to me and arranged for me to do a number of informational interviews. She not only helps with my academic study, but also provides me with resources to help me to be better prepared for adult life. I had a really good time with Lisa, and I will continue let work with Lisa next year.

Marco, B.A. (Criminology & Political Science) & MA (Global Affairs) University of Toronto

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Tutoring is often assumed to be for individuals who are ‘slow learners’ or those unable to grasp the requisite information in a standard classroom setting. In my case, I had no problems in these areas. I came to PFAU performing well on exams, and easily able to grasp the information in lecture/readings. However, my problem was in my written communication skills. I struggled to articulate complex ideas succinctly and clearly.

Lisa Pfau helped me to save time in situations where I had multiple papers due by teaching me how to better organize my ideas and learn that sometimes less is more. She also provided me with critical comments that helped me to improve my grades and overall self-expression. Lisa was very flexible and available, and could really be counted on to be there in my most stressful periods. Moreover, she is also extremely generous in reaching out to contacts she may have to help you achieve your academic and career goals. The services PFAU provides should not be pigeonholed into ESL and writing help, but apply to individuals of all levels who are looking for a mentor to help them to better navigate the university system and bridge the gap into professional life

Yunfan X

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Got big help from Lisa for my resume. Her experience for resume writing is really good. She help me to catch the key points for my past experience and put that in to my resume with great words. I would like to say “big big thank” for her and if anyone need the tutor for his/ her resume, cover letter and interview, Lisa should be the first one whom need to contact.

Ken W

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Lisa is an experienced and professional tutor in academic writing/editing. I was able to achieve my goals with Lisa’s help during my last two years in U of T. Lisa is also an excellent and resourceful career coach. She helped me with resume and cover letter writing, and provided great advice and prep for interviews. Lisa really cares and supports her students, I would highly recommend her to anyone who struggles in academic writing or needs career counselling.