Scott, B.Comm., University of Western Ontario

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I met Lisa when I needed help with my Grade 11 and 12 English courses. She is extremely knowledgeable, which makes her a vital part of any essay writing process. With her help I was able to quickly expand my writing style and diction and completed Grade 12 English with a final grade of 95%. After helping me to improve my grade point average and overall communication skills, she also helped me with my university application process, including brainstorming, structuring, and editing my application essays. With her help during this transition period, I was able to enter a top-notch post-secondary program.

Arm Tungnirun, LL.M. Harvard Law School Graduate & Professor of Law in Bangkok, Thailand

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa since 2004, when we were classmates at Peking University. She has always been a helpful friend and teacher. After leaving China, she helped me with my successful application to the summer school of the London School of Economics. Several years later, when I applied for an LL.M. program in the United States, Lisa read through my application materials and personal statement and gave me invaluable feedback. Her suggestions on content were professional, honest and straightforward. It was a tremendous help and allowed me to reshape my statement into a more persuasive and effective one. Lisa has provided special help related to the use of the English language, including editing my writing and providing comments on my choices of words and style. I will always be grateful to have her as my research and writing advisor. She has done this job better than anyone I have known so far, due to her deep understanding of the application process and writing requirement of American universities.

Emma D., B.A., University of Western Ontario (Communications & Media)

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I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for assistance with graduate school applications! Lisa helped me tremendously with my essays, resumes, and cover letters, and also provided insightful advice regarding how to approach alumni, recruiters, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa as she is extremely personable, easy to approach, and genuinely cares about her students! I am happy to say I got accepted to my top Business School of choice because of her help! I am confident she can help other students get into their top graduate school as well.

Yunfan X

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Got big help from Lisa for my resume. Her experience for resume writing is really good. She help me to catch the key points for my past experience and put that in to my resume with great words. I would like to say “big big thank” for her and if anyone need the tutor for his/ her resume, cover letter and interview, Lisa should be the first one whom need to contact.