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Academic Writing Support is geared towards helping high school, university, and graduate students, who are struggling with assignments, papers, and the overall demands of a rigorous academic environment. We teach our clients how to communicate orally and in written form within an academic setting. We offer academic writing support in all social science and humanities courses, such as, but not limited to: English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Film Studies, Media Studies, International Development, and East Asian Studies.

Ken Y, University of Toronto (B.A. East Asian Studies & Sociology)

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I had a positive experience with Lisa’s tutorial services. I’ve had tutors before and what she provides is more tailored to my specific needs. Her help with writing gave me the confidence to complete my courses properly. I specifically like her strong writing ability, orientation around the main goals, and knowing how to get from point A to point B.  Her experience and skills as a writer really show in this area compared to other tutors.  In addition, her explanations are easy to understand and never gibberish. I appreciate Lisa’s attention to detail and concern over ensuring I truly understood what I was doing. 

Academic Editing

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Academic editing is focused on the improvement of grammar, spelling, style, flow, and structure of publications, dissertations, and grant applications in all subjects, ranging from Electrical Engineering to Political Science. The aim is understand the general content of the written piece and to help the client to improve his/her overall communication strategy and style after a supervisor and/academic colleagues have reviewed it for content and accuracy.

Ning Zhang, Ryerson University (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering)

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I asked Lisa to proofread and polish up my Ph.D. dissertation. Lisa did a terrific job improving the flow and readability of the dissertation.  Even though I can express my ideas in simple English, I sometimes struggle with articles, tenses, and prepositions.  Lisa patiently checked an over 200 page thesis word by word; making both corrections in grammar and general smoothness.  

Although Lisa’s background is not in Science and Engineering, she conveyed a thorough understanding of the vocabulary and requirements for academic papers.  When she was unsure, she would to ask for clarification in order to ensure that her corrections were contributing to the best way to deliver thoughts and ideas.   

I recommend her proofreading services to any academic, in particular, to scholars in Science and Engineering who need help polishing up their technical reports and journal articles.   

Writing Courses

Our academic writing and essay writing courses are designed to provide high school, college, university, and graduate students with opportunities to read, think, and write critically. Our courses build upon the material taught in a contemporary education environment by focusing on improving analytical, organizational, and communication skills. We have experience providing academic writing workshops to a variety of educational institutions, such as: the University of Toronto, Beijing No. 2 High School (International Department), and Upswing Academy. As well as, teaching numerous high school, undergraduate, and PhD students in our online classroom. Course listings include: 

  • Academic Paper Writing Workshop
  • Research Essay Fundamentals Course
  • Essay Writing Intensive Course
  • Grad School Writing Workshop
  • PhD Dissertation Writing Course
  • Grad School Academic Writing Fundamentals Course

Patrick W, Seneca College (Bachelor of Arts and Science)

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I miss going here in high school. I now graduated from college. And all I can say, is that this class managed to teach me enough to pass the course with the hardest English Prof at Seneca College.

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