Patrick W, Seneca College (Bachelor of Arts and Science)

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I miss going here in high school. I now graduated from college. And all I can say, is that this class managed to teach me enough to pass the course with the hardest English Prof at Seneca College.

Hugo Arroyo

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I took the Creative Writing course. It was an excellent experience for me! I recommend it to everyone! It was a high-level class with a dynamic methodology. I learnt a lot of things and tips for improving my writing. Lisa gave me frequent feedback, which is very helpful for my development.

Michelle, B.A., University of Toronto (Mississauga)

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I was a new university student who was desperate to maintain a full time status in order to maintain a scholarship, so I enrolled in International Relations (IR) at the advice of my Academic Advisor. I was lost the very first day. Finally, my TA suggested I find a tutor.

Right from the start, I was impressed with Lisa Pfau’s professionalism and knowledge. Lisa helped me understand International Relations in a way that the Professor could not explain – with a sense of humor! She was able to explain International Relations at a level that sparked my interests as a Canadian Army Reservist. I became passionate about territorial disputes over Canada’s North, and with Lisa’s help, wrote a policy brief on the topic. At the end of the term, my TA took me aside to tell me how much she enjoyed reading my paper, and that out of 200 students she considered me the MOST IMPROVED!  I was almost in tears! I was very happy with overall course grade and I owe it all to Lisa!

Hiring Lisa Pfau was the best decision and investment I have ever made. She really cared about my well-being and always maintained continuous contact and provided helpful recommendations. I was once scared of political science; however, after Lisa’s lessons I’m looking forward to enrolling in another Political Science course next year.

Magno, B.Sc. (Mathematics), University of Toronto

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Lisa Pfau is the best tutor I have had so far at UofT.  Lisa is very organized, yet flexible when it comes to writing help and schedule.  What I liked most about Lisa was her sensitivity to my learning disability.  When I was stressed, she helped me to calm down.  She is very funny and kind.  She is reliable and gets the job done.  She worked with my strengths and gave me confidence in my own writing skills.  Without Lisa I think I would have failed Anthropology.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for writing help, especially students registered with Accessibility Services.

Ryan, B.A. (Hons), University of Toronto *

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Going into first year at university can be a challenging time and without the proper help it can become overwhelming. Lisa helped improve my essay writing skills throughout the year and took the time and effort to assist me in achieving higher grades. It is unique to find a tutor that truly cares about her students as much as she does and who is just as happy when you receive a good grade as you are.

Michael, B.Eng, University of Toronto

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I am very fortunate to have known Lisa Pfau for the last eleven years. I met Lisa in 2006 when she assisted me with a major Grade 12 book report that involved a high percentage of my mark. My assignment was on a book named Fifth Business, which at the time Lisa had never read. She showed true commitment when she took the time to read the entire book in order to further assist and enhance my essay. She was instrumental in enhancing my writing skills and preparing me for university.

Lisa has assisted me throughout my university career as well, with mainly the Arts and Science courses. Her excellent essay writing and research experience contributed towards my high marks in these courses, including an 87% on my final essay at the University of Toronto, the highest essay grade of my academic career. She was disciplined and was flexible with her time. She was sensitive to my needs and was very accommodating to my schedule.

Lisa Pfau takes great care in ensuring all of her team at PFAU are very professional, patient and committed to helping with your studies. They are very good with people and provide positive feedback on your ideas and encourage you to do well. I am a better writer because of Lisa. I would highly recommend PFAU to anyone that requires tutoring, specifically essay writing.

Wai, PhD & Sessional Professor (Engineering), Ryerson University

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Sometimes we can find some good stuff while doing a Google search, which is how I found Lisa’s WordPress blog.  I first approached Lisa to proofread my thesis in early August, but unfortunately, she was on vacation. Shortly afterwards, I had a bad experience with another editor who charged a lot for the task, so when I wanted to revise a funding application on September I thought of Lisa again.  Honestly, I found that all the nice comments on her blog are true. Lisa is not just a normal editor who revises and gives comments on your documents only, she attempts to understand your work and propose ways to improve the content itself as well. I really liked the “two-stage” revision that she proposed, which would allow me to integrate the changes she suggested and have her proofread for grammar and spelling and clarify a second time.  Through her comments and our email communications, I could clearly feel Lisa’s passion for her work and business.  Thank you, Lisa!