Application Support

PFAU offers two services related to the application process:

Exam Preparation & Application Support

Part of the educational and professional process is applying for academic and professional opportunities. This process requires not only preparing one’s credentials, but also knowing how choose the option that best aligns with one’s capacity and future goals. Once one knows what one wants, it is important to be able to communicate those goals in a manner that highlights one’s skills and abilities to the audience. PFAU can help you to figure out where you want to go and how to get there.

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Exam preparation for standardized exams required to enter post-secondary programs, graduate school, and professional programs requires a special type of knowledge and strategy beyond subject-specific learning. It requires an ability to understand what the examiner is testing and how to best position one’s self and use one’s time to fulfill the exam requirements. PFAU is currently well-versed in IELTS, TOFEL, SAT, GRE, and Canadian Citizenship exam preparation. We hope to expand our expertise to include LSAT and GMAT in the near future.

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PFAU provides application support for high school students applying to postsecondary school, post-secondary students applying for graduate and professional programs, and finally resume, cover letter, and interview support as students enter the workforce. PFAU assists clients to understand the requirements and expectations of the institution they are applying to, identity and highlight their own strengths, and communicate in a creative and effective manner that makes their application float to the top of the pile.





Arm Tungnirun, Harvard (L.L.M.) & Chulalongkorn University (Law Professor)

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa since 2004, when we were classmates at Peking University. She has always been a helpful friend and teacher.  After leaving China, she helped me with my successful application to the summer school of the London School of Economics. Several years later, when I applied for an LL.M. program in the United States, Lisa read through my application materials and personal statement and gave me invaluable feedback. Her suggestions on content were professional, honest and straightforward.  It was a tremendous help and allowed me to reshape my statement into a more persuasive and effective one. Lisa has provided special help related to the use of the English language, including editing my writing and providing comments on my choices of words and style. I will always be grateful to have her as my research and writing advisor.  She has done this job better than anyone I have known so far, due to her deep understanding of the application process and writing requirement of American universities.

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EDITING SAMPLE – Grad School Application
Grad School Personal Statement Excerpt – First Draft Since I left my native country Peru, I have seen the many difficulties my family and others have lived through in order to survive in this country. As an immigrant, I have repeatedly experienced discrimination from people because I was ignorant to the way of life here. […]