Professional development

PFAU offers two professional development services:

VIP Writing Instruction & Small Writing Classes

According to Time Magazine, professionals who receive one to four promotions make 45% less grammatical errors than their colleagues. Even fields that are often not associated with excellent verbal and written communication, such as Computer Science and Engineering, judge employees based on their proper use of the English language. A Google CEO was quoted in the Harvard Business Review as saying: “if you don’t know the difference between its and it’s, HR may begin to wonder what else you don’t know”. In other words, as my mother often said: “it doesn’t matter how smart you are, if no one can understand you.” Therefore, it is essential to fine-tune one’s communication skills from adolescence throughout one’s academic and professional career.

Fortunately, PFAU can help you reach your full potential on the page!

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PFAU provides one-on-one personalized communication lessons designed to help each client to improve his/her individual confidence in both written and verbal communication. These lessons are specially designed for both ESL and native speakers in order to improve the client’s grammar, vocabulary, structure, clarity, flow and overall understanding and comfort with the English language. These lessons are designed not only to improve the technical aspects of communication, but also to understand the literary, historical, and cultural context of Western communication. Clients advance from awkwardness and insecurity to natural proficiency and confidence.



Courses in creative writing, academic writing, and application writing are designed to provide students of all ages with opportunities to read, think, and create that may not exist within the contemporary education system or professional environment, as well as to improve overall analytical and composition skills.

Previous course listings include: 

  • Creative Writing – Beginner
  • Creative Writing – Intermediate
  • Non-fiction Writing  
  • Expository vs. Persuasive Essay Writing
  • Academic Essay Writing

*These courses usually run in the summers. Check blog for current course offerings and pricing.

Essay Writing Student

“I finally learned how to write an essay properly.”

Essay Writing Student

“I really like the fact that we are able to express our thoughts openly in class.”

Non-fiction Writing Student

“I liked the part where we wrote a book report about our favourite book.

Creative Writing Student

 “The course was very interesting.  Lisa is a very good instructor.  I like the course because every time she teaches us we can present and learn a new vocabulary word.”

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Student Writing Sample: Bird Fact Poem
  Birds are loyal, creative and smart; They find straw ,grass and mud; When they are aggressive they dart to one of your body part; Then the eggs are safe in a nest like they are in a big flower bud; When the eggs hatch they hunt for a delicious lunch.
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Student Writing Sample: Moon’s Tour
It’s is a place full of craters and very dusty   hard and bumpy like iron Meteorites low gravity like you are on outer space then if you liked moon rock then go to moon it was made of rock like meteors and there is boot prints  and if you fell into a hole, these […]