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Due to several events in podcast world around censorship vs hate speech, as well as, recent COVID-related protests, we have decide to sit back and consider our intentions around this podcast and how it aligns with out values. We are committed to creating quality content to help young adults, writers, students, and creators to feel supported and inspired, but given these recent events we want to really make sure we are doing this in a way that is ethical and in-line with our organizational values.


We have had the good fortune of being able to experiment with many things online during COVID, such as this podcast, our YouTube channel, blog posts, newsletter, and posts on social media. Originally, many of these things started off as a way to support individuals who were isolated during COVID. However, as we move out of COVID (fingers crossed!), we need to pivot and think about how we can continue to support and nurture a critically thinking and creative online community with quality guests, topics, tips, and content in a way that works for us well into the future.


We’d love to hear from the community. Feel free to send Lisa an email with your comments about what you like or find helpful about our website, podcast, YouTube, newsletter, and/or social media content. Do you have any suggestions for the future to help you to reach your full potential on the page?


Meanwhile, we will continue to publish our newsletter and there are lots of wonderful past blog posts and past podcast episodes with loads of solid advice and writing tips. Of course, you can always reach out to us on all and any platforms with questions or comments. We look forward to coming back refreshed in the spring.

Thanks for sharing in our journey and letting us be part of yours!



Lisa Pfau



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