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Should I stay or should I go? Tips on adding/dropping courses by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
It happens to even the most planned and studios of students. There comes a point in our academic career when we are faced with potentially having to adjust our course schedule by adding or dropping a course part way through the semester. I was usually pretty good with planning out my schedule in advance and […]
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Overcoming Scary Standardized Exams by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
I remember when I wrote my GRE. It was the most stressful exam of my life. The first time I took it, I wasn’t worried at all since I had no idea what to expect. I was smart and I was sure that I would score decently. Wow! I totally misjudged the exam.  First, you […]
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Student Speaker Series 2: Maximize your Academic Experience without Breaking the Bank
PFAU: Academic writing, editing, & coaching and the Bank of Montreal (Bedford & Bloor Branch) Pfau: Academic writing, editing, & coaching experts and the Bank of Montreal (Bedford & Bloor Branch) will be collaborating in 2019 to bring students a personalized speaker series geared towards increasing financial literacy, awareness, and planning towards meeting specific academic […]
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Living on a Budget by Lisa Pfau & Boyan Lepoev
This past week we were very fortunate to have Boyan Lepoev come in to chat with us about living on a student budget. Boyan Lepoev works as Investment Analyst at Bridgeport Asset Management, a boutique investment management firm in Toronto. Previously, he was Market Risk Manager at the Bank of Nova Scotia. Boyan holds the Chartered […]
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Closed for the Holidays
We will be closed from Monday, December 24th until Thursday, January 10th. We wish you all a very restful holiday season. See you in the new year!! 🙂