Starting Your Own Creative Business: Podcast Episode Live!
Comic 15 Panel 3 300x300 Starting Your Own Creative Business: Podcast Episode Live!

We interview Penelope and Mary, who are two sisters on a mission to create empowering relatable designs that highlight social issues that they feel deserve a spotlight, about starting your own creative business without a business degree. The professional world isn’t exactly the same as generations before us. People change careers often, work multiple jobs or gigs, and often prefer to work for themselves than at a large established corporation. Long gone is the dream (or reality) of working the same job until retirement. So, we thought it would be interesting for students and recent grads to talk to some young adults who have started some creative and meaningful businesses as a result of COVID. 




Inspiration and the path leading to starting a creative business and career

How does a liberal arts degree help in the world of entrepreneurship

Challenges and rewards of business operators

Advice for a recent grad thinking of turning a creative passion into a career



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