Resilience Boosting During COVID-19: Podcast Episode Live!

Resilience Boosting During COVID-19: Podcast Episode Live!
PFAU 31 panel 3 290x300 Resilience Boosting During COVID 19: Podcast Episode Live!

We interview, Sarah Lang, a certified coach, who supports people to dream big, launch new projects, and bring creative visions to life, about how to boost your academic resilience during COVID-19.


The importance of resilience in finding your dream career

The link between resilience and academic performance

Advice on preparing for the Fall term in the midst of the pandemic

Tools and resources for students to boost their resilience



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  • September 16, 2020 at 23:03

    Great podcast as usual! I will be looking up each of those books to add to my collection. Resilience is the only way to go from surviving to thriving! I haven’t written my 10 things I learned yet but I did start the failure one and realized I have more resilience than I even realized. Even the negatives have a purpose. Thanks for that writing prompt. This podcast has very valuable insights and I thank you all so much for sharing it. (Both Lisa’s and Sarah) ?

    With appreciation,
    Melody ✍️ Belliveau

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