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Conducting Research in Sociology: Podcast Episode Live!
Jemimah Amos Podcast Sociology cover 1 300x300 Conducting Research in Sociology: Podcast Episode Live!

This week we interviewed Jemimah Amos, PFAU Academic Writing coach and editor, about the study of Sociology. Sociology is the study of human interaction or individuals as members of a group. Many students take a first-year Sociology course unsure what it is about and may even leave the course confused or overwhelmed by the breadth of information and topics that can be researched in the field of Sociology. In particular, students coming out of high school may be unfamiliar with the use of theories and methodologies to conduct research and write papers.




What is Sociology?

Common Sociological Theories & Frameworks

What to expect from a Sociology degree

How to conduct Sociological research



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