Prof 520x390 Podcast
An Inside Look into the Life of Professor: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Danielle Law, PhD, and Associate Professor in Psychology and Youth and Children’s Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, about her journey in academia and her thoughts on finding a […]
PFAU 31 panel 3 520x390 Podcast
Resilience Boosting During COVID-19: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Sarah Lang, a certified coach, who supports people to dream big, launch new projects, and bring creative visions to life, about how to boost your academic resilience during […]
PFAU 12 panel 4 1 520x390 Podcast
The Student Experience: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Lisa Meng, a recent Bachelor of Psychology graduate, about the what she has learned after reflecting on her four years of undergraduate experience. HIGHLIGHTS Things to think about […]
PFAU Application Writing Course peacock 01 520x390 Podcast
The Art of Application Writing: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview Lisa Pfau, founder and CEO of PFAU Academic Writing, on the grad school application process as she reflects on her own journey on becoming a writing coaching and […]
PFAU 20 panel 2 520x390 Podcast
Sleep Hygiene: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview Erin Spencer, a registered Occupational Therapist, on sleep hygiene and building routines.She provides education on sleep hygiene, building routine, re-engaging in activities post-injury, ergonomics and mindfulness. In her […]