PFAU 16 panel 4 520x390 Podcast
Careers in the Arts – Teaching: Podcast Episode Live!
We discuss finding a career in the arts as a recent graduate with Andreia Florea, a grade 1/2 teacher, with 15 years of teaching experience. HIGHLIGHTS Differences between a corporate […]
PFAU 19 panel 5 520x390 Podcast
Health and Academic Performance: Podcast Episode Live!
We discuss the connection between health and academic performance with Dr. Kevin Preston, a Chinese medicine doctor and holistic wellness expert. HIGHLIGHTS Benefits of meditation during COVID-19 Practical health advice […]
PFAU 5 panel 4 520x390 Podcast
Finding a Job During COVID-19: Podcast Episode Live!
We discuss the challenges of finding a job during a pandemic with job search expert and content marketing specialist, Alif Huq. HIGHLIGHTS Job market changes during COIVD-19 How to stay […]
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Creating your Virtual Study Space: Podcast Episode Live!
We discuss the difficulties students face studying from home and some possible solutions, with tech expert Robert Cairns of StunningDigitalMarketing. Highlights How to work around distractions Tips for staying organized […]
GradSchoolCoverPhoto e1590267061907 520x390 Podcast
How to Apply for Grad School during COVID-19: 1st Podcast Episode Live!
We discuss the trials and tribulations of applying for graduate school during a pandemic with PFAU Academic Writing applications coach, Yiwei Jin. HIGHLIGHTS Impact of COVID-19 on GPA What makes […]