Davood Gozli Playful Prose: Podcast Episode Live!
Davood Gozli Podcast Post 1 1 300x300 Playful Prose: Podcast Episode Live!

We interviewed Davood Gozli, Pfau Academic editor and writing coach, with a BSc from Trent University, and PhD in Psychology from the University of Toronto, about overcoming the tortures of writer’s block. So often students avoid starting a paper because of the pain associated with writing that first sentence, but writing doesn’t have to be so terrible. In fact, in many cases, it can be fun. It is an artform after all. Today we’ll be talking about how to make writing enjoyable, and even playful.



What it’s like writing a book

Tips for overcoming writer’s block

Overcoming doubt when writing 

Making writing playful 

Starting a paper when you feel stuck



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