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Men’s Mental Health: Podcast Episode Live!
MENS HEALTH 298x300 Men’s Mental Health: Podcast Episode Live!

 We interview Kristopher Morrison (also known as Eagle Calling Man), an indigenous and men’s health advocate in Ontario about the gap in men’s psychological supports. Research has shown that men and women express depressive symptoms differently. For example, women tend to emote and talk about their feelings, while men tend to pull inward and isolate themselves. This kind of self-isolating response to stress, especially emotional stress, can make it even more challenging for men to reach out for support when they need it the most. 



Challenging contemporary ideas of masculinity that promote individualism and social isolation

Tapping into indigenous traditions to build strong supportive communities of men

 The three pillars of building a solid inner sense of self

Tips and resources for young men who are in the wandering stage of life (early 20s)



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