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Life Insurance & Financial Planning for students: Podcast Episode Live!
PFAU 35 panel 4 01 294x300 Life Insurance & Financial Planning for students: Podcast Episode Live!

 We interview Mario Schwarzenberg is the owner/broker of MSI – Mario Schwarzenberg Insurance Services Inc., an insurance brokerage, has been offering its customers competitive insurance rates since the early 1990s. This week’s episode is about something we don’t like to talk about, death and critical illness. When we are young we often think we are invincible, but this is not always the case. We are all fragile human beings, and at some point our lives will end. It is important to think of these eventualities sooner rather than later as it can save you a lot of additional hassle, stress, and even money.




The importance of life insurance in estate & financial planning

 The different types of life insurance: permanent vs. term

How to decide what kind of life insurance is right for you

Advice for young people about planning for their financial future



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