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Feeling through Creativity: Podcast Episode Live!
Phoebe Taylor Podcast Post  300x300 Feeling through Creativity: Podcast Episode Live!

This week’s episode is about the connection between mental health and creativity. Oftentimes students are so caught up with getting good grades or a prestigious job that they forget to have fun. They forget that learning is supposed to bring joy. They don’t realize that writing a research paper is actually a creative process, and it is possible to inject their own personality in the process. Most of all, they can easily buy into the idea that being successful means suppressing one’s emotions. But, feelings are not our enemy, they are our friend. This week’s guest is Phoebe Taylor, artist, mindful mover, community maker and creative director of Okay Shoe.



Finding joy in creation

Building a creative business

Sustainable creation and collaborative practices

Link between our emotions and art



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