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Application support for high school students applying to post-secondary school, post-secondary students applying for graduate and professional programs, and finally resume, cover letter, and interview support as students enter the workforce.
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Subject-specific tutoring is geared towards helping high school and university students who are struggling with assignments, exams, and the overall content of certain course in combination with learning how to communicate orally and in written form within an academic setting. We offer subject-specific tutoring in all social science and humanities courses, such as, but not limited to: English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Film Studies, Media Studies, International Development, and East Asian Studies.
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Lisa Pfau
    CEO, Founder, and Senior Coach Lisa grew up in rural Alberta, Canada debating politics with her father, writing articles for the school newspaper, and running the students’ council. Determined to make a difference in the world, she headed off to the University of Alberta to study Political Science and History. Over the course of her degree, she became progressively interested in China and eventually traveled abroad in 2004 to teach English and study Chinese. This time abroad opened her eyes to her passion and talent for teaching others. She returned to Canada to pursue her Master of Arts at the University of Toronto, where she assisted Professors in teaching Political Science courses and continued to tutor students on the side, not only in the Social Sciences and Humanities, but her true passions – writing and critical thinking. After graduating in 2007, she worked in public policy and research, including: as a political intern at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing and a Research Coordinator at the University of Toronto. These experiences provided Lisa with the knowledge and networks to help her clients transition from academic to professional life. She published her first short story in 2010 and currently enjoys teaching Creative Writing and Research Essay Writing courses and workshops at PFAU: Academic Writing and upon invitation to other educational institutions, such as the University of Toronto. Over the past 15 years, she has mentored over 100 clients in reading/writing fundamentals, critical thinking, research proficiency, organizational skills, and academic/career goal setting, as well as, research papers, scholarship proposals, and grad/professional school applications. Finally, she has edited numerous graduate theses, dissertations, and publications in all fields - from engineering to literature. Lisa enjoys the continuous learning and refinement involved in the writing process. Mostly though, she enjoys connecting with her students, and helping them to reach their full potential on the page, and in life.  

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