Getting Comfortable with Conflict as a Woman: Podcast Episode Live!
PFAU 19 panel 3 300x300 Getting Comfortable with Conflict as a Woman: Podcast Episode Live!

We interview Alexandra Kutilin, a full-time MBA student at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, about being a strong woman and speaking up for what you want and need. This week’s episode is for all the strong women out there, who struggle with balancing their tactical professional self and caring compassionate self. I know this is an internal conflict that I deal with regularly as an entrepreneur in a care-giving and creative sector. How can I highlight my expertise, intelligence, and strength without losing the softer side of myself? This struggle is particularly evident in negotiations, where we are required to bargain for something we want, such as a better grade, performance from a group mate, raise from our boss, or new opportunity. Women are typically socialized to step back, give in, and avoid conflict. So, how do you harness your inner shark without losing yourself?



Why more women should consider business and pursuing an MBA

How are things different for women in business

Advice for female students struggling to find their inner shark

Negotiation tips and tricks




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