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Personal Satement Grad School
Personal Statement Writing Workshop – Grad School
We will discuss the grad school application process and tips for writing an appealing personal statement for grad school applications.

This workshop is ideal for university students hoping to go to graduate school, but not sure where to start their application process. Over the course of this 1.5 hours workshop, you will gain:


  • An overview of the application process and expectations
  • Tips on how to make the most of each aspect of your application
  • Insight into what the selection committee wants
  • Things to think about to help you to build a coherent and convincing personal narrative
  • Understanding of the overall structure of a personal statement
  • Opportunity to ask personalized questions to the speaker
  • Personal Statement Writing Template to take home


In addition to these insights, attendees will have a chance to submit a personalized application related question in advance of the workshop that will either be addressed during the workshop or within the Google Classroom community that all attendees will have access to upon registration.

This workshop is completely ONLINE, which mean there is a LIVE STREAM with the speaker every second Saturday of the month at 10:30am between September 2022 and January 2023, followed by access to Google Classroom portal where you can share ideas and resources, as well as have access to a personal statement writing template. This means that the personal statement writing support extends beyond the workshop to a supportive community of students working towards the same goal.