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Exercise has a Positive Impact on Stress Relief by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
We all know that feeling of relief after running around outside after a ball as a child. The sweat is dripping down our brow, we’re catching your breath, feeling light […]
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Friendships can Help or Hinder your Academic Experience by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
During high school and Undergrad, I had some pretty solid, nerdy, helpful friends, who coincidentally I still keep in touch with today. However, things were different in Grad School. It’s […]
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Beat Exam Anxiety by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
  When I was in high school, and the early part of my Undergraduate studies, I suffered from terrible exam anxiety. Before my first Grade 12 Provincial Exam in Alberta, […]
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Party Safe by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
I know this post is one weekend too late, but maybe you’re at that point where you’re reflecting on your Halloween debauchery and wondering how you let X happen… I […]
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When should you drop a course? by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
It can be a difficult realization to discover that your original academic plan is not working for you, and you’re struggling to meet the expectations of a particular course. Should […]