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Happy Holidays!
Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Clients: I thought that this year I would do something a little bit different and write you a Christmas letter about all the changes that have […]
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Sleep-Study Balance by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
  It’s the day before your exam. You sit down to review those final 10 chapters. By lunch time, you’ve only managed to get through two. You start reviewing Chapter […]
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Avoid Plagiarism & Maintain your Academic Integrity by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
  Recently a well-known and prize winning American poet was accused of plagiarism by her contemporaries and her reputation completely sullied. Plagiarism is a major academic offense, and a very […]
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Exercise has a Positive Impact on Stress Relief by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
We all know that feeling of relief after running around outside after a ball as a child. The sweat is dripping down our brow, we’re catching your breath, feeling light […]
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Friendships can Help or Hinder your Academic Experience by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
During high school and Undergrad, I had some pretty solid, nerdy, helpful friends, who coincidentally I still keep in touch with today. However, things were different in Grad School. It’s […]
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Beat Exam Anxiety by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
  When I was in high school, and the early part of my Undergraduate studies, I suffered from terrible exam anxiety. Before my first Grade 12 Provincial Exam in Alberta, […]
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Party Safe by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
I know this post is one weekend too late, but maybe you’re at that point where you’re reflecting on your Halloween debauchery and wondering how you let X happen… I […]
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When should you drop a course? by Lisa Pfau & Patricia Huang
It can be a difficult realization to discover that your original academic plan is not working for you, and you’re struggling to meet the expectations of a particular course. Should […]
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“Procrastination may not take up a lot of effort physically…but it takes over the mind!” ~ Stephen Hall   To be honest, I procrastinated writing this post about procrastination… …I […]
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Student Writing Sample: Bird Fact Poem
  Birds are loyal, creative and smart; They find straw ,grass and mud; When they are aggressive they dart to one of your body part; Then the eggs are safe […]
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