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Pausing the Podcast for the Summer
  We will be pausing our podcast for the summer in order to work on making updates on the website and relaunching Fall 2021. Of course, you can listen to […]
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Resilience Building for Recent Grads Starting their Job Search: Interview with Sarah Lang
  As we enter spring and summer, students are looking for jobs in this uncertain period of COVID. As if job hunting wasn’t hard enough, COVID makes it even trickier. […]
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Starting a Non-Profit: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview Megan Kee, the founder of 20/20 Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to the production of innovative art projects that raise awareness, visibility, and fund for charitable organizations about […]
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Finding a Job as COVID-19 Continues: Interview with Alif Huq
Last spring, we interviewed Alif on the challenges and opportunities facing young adults during COVID-19. We thought this topic would be relevant for students looking for summer jobs, as well […]
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Finding a Job as COVID Continues: Podcast Episode Live!
  Last spring, we discussed the challenges of finding a job during a pandemic withcontent marketing specialist, Alif Huq. Unfortunately, we are still in a COVID lockdown, which is discouraging […]
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Exam Anxiety: Interview with Lisa Pfau
This week we will be interviewing Lisa Pfau, the founder and CEO of Pfau Academic Writing, about the stress caused by assignments and exams. We thought this topic would be […]
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Mind-Body Connection: Interview with Kali Hewitt-Blackie
  We interviewed Kali Hewitt-Blackie on the connection between the mind and body. We wanted to talk about this topic because prioritizing health, both mental and physical, given all the […]
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An Inside Look into the Life of Professor: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Danielle Law, PhD, and Associate Professor in Psychology and Youth and Children’s Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, about her journey in academia and her thoughts on finding a […]
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Scared that you are missing something?
The Student Experience: Podcast Episode Live!
We interview, Lisa Meng, a recent Bachelor of Psychology graduate, about the what she has learned after reflecting on her four years of undergraduate experience. HIGHLIGHTS Things to think about […]
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Meet our CEO: Interview with Lisa Pfau
Lisa Pfau is the founder, CEO, and Sr. Coach at PFAU Academic Writing. We discussed how she came to be an entrepreneur, writer, coach, and teacher. We also talk about […]
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