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Advice for Incoming International Students: Podcast Episode Live!
Studying 300x300 Advice for Incoming International Students: Podcast Episode Live!

We interview Joseph Wong, Vice-President, International, at the University of Toronto about moving from one country to another to start school. Heading off to university is a significant milestone in one’s life, and even more so if it also means travelling abroad to a whole new country on your own. For international students who started university during COVID, the experience has been a little different, but as vaccines are doled out and the health situation looks a bit more hopeful this year’s international students may be considering a few different options as they return to their degree in the Fall. We thought we’d speak with someone who’s been an international student himself while a graduate student, and is also very familiar with the needs and situations of international students on a major university campus.




Journey and experience of studying aboard

Measures taken by the university to support students

How have online learning and collaborations changed academic life

Advice for students going back to school this Fall



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