Exam Anxiety: Podcast Live!
PFAU 4 panel 2 1 289x300 Exam Anxiety: Podcast Live!

This week we will be interviewing Lisa Pfau, the founder and CEO of Pfau Academic Writing, about the stress caused by assignments and exams. We thought this topic would be helpful to our listeners who are about to enter the final exam season. Exam anxiety is a real and serious problem that can hinder students’ academic performance. As you may know, Lisa has over 20 years of experience supporting students through academic challenges. I first met Lisa three years ago as a first-year international student at the University of Toronto. Lisa has helped me with the transition from high school to university, giving me lots of great tips about how to deal with the pressures of university.




Symptoms of exam anxiety

Causes of stress

Impact of Exam Anxiety on Academic Performance

Practices and strategies to relieve stress



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