Jamil Wahid

Jahmil Wahid

GRE & SAT Coach

Jamil Wahid is motivated to help others reach their full potential on the exam page. Jamil is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Engineering at Ryerson University, and has substantial experience in both Canada and Bangladesh as a coach and mentor. He loves mathematical, logical, and verbal puzzles, and has successfully helped more than 50 clients with their GRE preparation - both in individual and group sessions.

Jamil focuses on breaking down complex topics to byte size simple concepts and gradually working towards more difficult material. He is adept at creating personalized exam strategies and roadmaps to achieve desired results. He also shares actionable tips and tricks on test-taking, practice-material, and second-time round strategies.

In his personal life - Jamil is passionate about soccer, loves spicy food and is a board game aficionado!