Becoming a Priest: Podcast Episode Live!
Meditation Course Peacock 300x292 Becoming a Priest: Podcast Episode Live!

  We interview Reverend Emily Gordon, a minister of the United Church of Canada here in Toronto, about vocations. A vocation is defined as a strong feeling of suitability for a certain occupation. People who talk about being called to do something or that they couldn’t imagine doing anything else are likely pursuing a vocation. However, one profession that requires individuals to feel called to it before they can even get an entry-level position is ministry. This is an area of work that is often not discussed by career counselors because of its status as a vocation, but for individuals who seek meaning, purpose, and a connection to something beyond themselves this may be the ideal path.




The distinction between vocation and career

Advice for young people feeling a call to the Church

Being a spiritual person in a secular world

Daily spiritual practices for students to help stay grounded and connected, especially during stressful times




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